75 KVA Transformer

Due to an order cancellation we are selling a brand new 75 KVA transformer at below cost to liquidate. Item is NEW on original skid, never energized.

Price is firm at $2000.00


Catalog No. BC75J-P/EP

Product Type: Epoxy Encapsulated Transformer

Phase: Three

Power Rating: 75 kVA

Frequency, Hz: 60

Vector Group: Delta-Wye(DYn)

Primary Voltage: 600 Volt

Primary Max Current, Amps: 72

Primary Terminals: H1-H2-H3

Primary Terminal Lugs: 2-14 AWG

Primary Voltage Taps: 0%; ±2.5%; ±5.0%

Secondary Voltage: 480Y277 Volt

Secondary Max Current, Amps: 90

Secondary Terminals: X0-X1-X2-X3

Secondary Terminal Lugs: 2-14 AWG

Winding Conductor: Copper

Temperature Rise, °C: 130

Insulation Class: 200 (N)

Insulation Level, (B.I.L), kVA: 10

Efficiency at 35% Load, %: 97.9

ANSI/IEEE Impedance, %: 2.0-3.0

Sound Level, dB: 45

Standards and Certifications:

  • CSA Standard C22.2. No.47 Air Cooled Transformers (Dry Type)
  • CSA certified. File No. LR34493
  • UL Listed. File No.E108255
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification

Enclosure Type: Nema 3R. Outdoor Weather resistant steel enclosure

Weight, Lbs: 1500.0

Manufacturer: Rex Power Magnetics

Country of Manufacture: Canada